Wednesday, December 8, 2010

winter I

my friends get drunk
and sing karaoke
at a townie bar
in the next town.

an alcoholic
buys me two shots
of tequila and
a boy from poetry
yells, 'damn, lexi!'
from the other end
of the bar.

i must have impressed him.
he finds me outside.

i ash my cigarette
into a bucket
filled with dirty snow.

i am overly friendly
toward him and
with other people
about whom i don't care.

a boy with bad teeth
hits on me.

i stand like a lesbian.

he is too drunk
to notice.

my friend drives
the alcoholic home
after he racks up
a fifty dollar bar tab
and sings
'pretty woman'
to the bartender.

he offers us snacks
before getting out
of the car.

i can relate.

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