Thursday, April 14, 2011

today a girl did a 4 or 5 minute presentation on texting

today an asian girl did a presentation on texting
her name is one letter off from "monica"... bonica
she was very nervous
she said "texting is one of the leading causes of death and leads to drugs"
then she pressed a button that changed the slide
on the screen it said
"I luv u = i love you
I lv u = im leaving you"

Monday, April 4, 2011

Gmail Chat - Jordan Castro & Brittany Wallace

showin off fo da cam
are you still listening to this bitch
brittany: no, this one now
jesus, this one...
me: someone hit the first bitch in the mouth because she had a moustache
i have no control over my life here in ohio
that is a sentence i just thought
how can a person whoi thinks things like that like
that sentence
is dramatic and retarded and i dont like, believe it, or whatever
but i like.. thought it convincingly
brittany: post that on lake effect blog
me: lol, ok
brittany: i have
no control
over my
life (in ohio)
me: doing a funny thing
brittany: i feel like the only time i felt legitimately bullied was when some retard told me to shave my arms in high school man i'm glad i didn't like come out as a lesbian or something