Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Great Humans from The Great Lakes Region

Bob Seger/Dearborn Michigan:
Have been drunk many times
crying to Night Moves

Bob Seger stands on the coast of Lake Michigan
drinks a beer

Kanye West/Chicago:
Kanye's sits in a well heated house
in the winter
his mom comes home
from the college
and forces him to read
all of Roots when he is 12
he says, "Mom this is stupid"
but now he knows why
she made him read it

Eminem Detroit:
Eminem smokes his first cigarette
when he is four
Eminem fucks three women
at once
when he six
Eminem drives in the snow
high as shit
this snow looks cool
when i'm high

Kid Rock Detroit:

Michael Jordan moves
to Chicago
and decides be a living
Michael Jordan is
the living avatar
of Leonidas

Harvey Pekar/Cleveland:
Sits in his living room
drawing little stick figures
puts his stocking cap on
and walks to the store
Harvey Pekar thinks
"my hands are cold,
I need to buy gloves"

All of them get together
shovel a driveway
Michael Jordan challenges
Bob Seger to a game of horse
Kid Rock slips on some ice
Kid Rock says, "My knee hurts"
Harvey Pekar yells, "Bitch"

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