Thursday, December 30, 2010

Misconceptions about the Great Lakes

Sometimes people think humans don’t exist in the great lakes,
They are wrong, they do
They live there, they have kitchens
Biologists look to obvious choices like Huron and Michigan

It’s northern Superior and southern Erie that hold life
It should be said that these races are entirely different
In fact, wars have been fought between them
They are bitter rivals, they live beneath the sea

You see, Erie residents the Sudans, not to be mistaken
with the country, (they were here first) find cold blood to be quite useful
found in Kardashian (Superior) blood streams (present before the reality show)
Both tribes would say hi to each other when walking by, and not look down

Upon entering there homes you may notice
they too nit slogans to hang above their oven

These slogans are warm-hearted, they know meaning of meaningfulness
Posing the question, where do we exist? In some halfway breadth?
These people don’t have a word for solipsism (plum tree)
So why do we cry so much? Try finding comfort above your mother’s oven


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