Thursday, April 14, 2011

today a girl did a 4 or 5 minute presentation on texting

today an asian girl did a presentation on texting
her name is one letter off from "monica"... bonica
she was very nervous
she said "texting is one of the leading causes of death and leads to drugs"
then she pressed a button that changed the slide
on the screen it said
"I luv u = i love you
I lv u = im leaving you"


  1. Was it the asian girl from King of the Hill?

  2. -Hi, I'm from Buffalo, New York.
    -In Buffalo, there is a "diner" called "The Lake Effect Diner".
    -I think I enjoyed this poem.
    -I'm a dachshund owner.
    -I also have a poem.
    -It's called "eating doritos in public".
    -I think it'd be perfect for this blog because the only word capitalized in it is "I".
    -This fact is mentioned in the poem itself, meaning that it is "self-aware".
    -In summary, is this an "exclusive" Midwestern poetry blog, or does it accept "submissions", like most tumblrs?