Wednesday, December 15, 2010

in 2 snow days i watched 3 movies

the matrix: adults deny meaninglessness in a likable way

sweet that i didnt feel this movie was made in the 90s, like they did a good job with the costumes not being related to any time period
thought of the rapper "neyo" 10-20 times while watching this movie
i dont think i liked how neo was dead but miraculously came back to life, wish the events were different so that he didnt have to fake-die
the person who created the movie seemed to be an anarchist
funny that the people in the movie took pills to be born/get free
felt extremely on edge for an accumulation of somewhere around 20 minutes
felt interested for all 2 hrs and 15 minutes
felt surprised it was only 2 hrs and 15 mins

eclipse: teen girl attracts half-teen half-animals

felt amazed by the occasional wisdom of the 2 male leads vs the indecisiveness and recklessness of the lead bitch
felt attached to the movie, 2 tears calmly went down my face ~ .5 through
surprised that edward and bella had a vague relationship in this movie, thought they were like, bfgf.
vague relationships in this movie are portrayed well
thinking this series being so popular can be summed up in bella's speach to edward at the end where she says something like "i am not normal, i will never be, i want to fuck vampires and werewolves"
didnt want to sleep alone after watching this

toy story 3: childrens movie that involves contemplating group suicide

caught myself saying aloud a line from the movie in a silly voice right after a character said it many times within the first 20 minutes (until i made myself stop)
toddler age children are portrayed as viscous retarded monsters while elementary age children seem heavenly and imaginative
toy story 3 seems good for the whole family
interesting for kids re colors/toys and shit
interesting for adolescents re overall dialogue of the movie
interesting for adults re can compare their children's retardedness to other children their age, and can learn to cope with their kids eventually going to college
interesting for seniors/grandparents re can rest their weak bodies while faintly hearing their families laughing
felt surprised at the emotional weight of the toys deciding to die together
this movie made me want to try and play with toys
clean soft stuffed animals maybe
i could play with toys by cooking dinner but using the stuffed animals as hands or something and make sound effects with my mouth most of the time


  1. i enjoyed this, mallory

    lol @ "interesting for seniors/grandparents... rest weak bodies..faintly hearing their families laughing"

  2. did they really die. can toys die.

  3. interesting for seniors/grandparents re can rest their weak bodies while faintly hearing their families laughing


  4. I watched all three movies. And this made me glad I did.